Due to the holiday season approaching, we cannot guarantee any shipments before Christmas after December 10th, 2022.


Return Policy

All sales are final, and no refunds or returns are accepted. Every product is made to order. If you have received a broken or defective product, please email us at support@policeroleplay.community and we will try to resolve the issue.

Shipping Policy

Shipping is handled by our manufacturing partners. We have no control over shipping services. You will receive tracking information and order updates as they become available. Please do no email us with shipping questions, as this is out of our control. We can assure you that your package will be shipped and delivered as soon as possible! All orders we receive are sent to the manufacturer within 24 hours - after that we have no control of how long it takes. We are currently experiencing manufacturing and shipping delays due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Important Warning

Do not use our merchandise to impersonate law enforcement or any other first responder. Impersonation is illegal in most areas. Do not pretend to be, nor tell others that you are a real life police officer! Please be aware of local laws before publicly displaying "Police," "Sheriff," or "Fire" merchandise. It may be illegal to put law enforcement decals or other first responder decals on your vehicle in some areas. Our merchandise is solely meant for you to express your interest in our game!